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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  November 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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top of the hour the winds were calm so we don't have to calculate wind chills but it is cold enough. a lot of sunshine, warm up quickly. we should get into the low 50's this afternoon. when we come back we will look at the seven-day forecast. first we say good morning to sarah to see what is happening on the roads. >> good morning, everyone. a lot of folks heading back to work and school and a couple of things to watch for in westminster. route 27 and 32 an accident there and one in the city if you are going to washington boulevard and monroe an accid t accident. major roads we continue to run smoothly. we are at 11 minutes on outer loop northeast side, 12 minutes west side, seven minutes south on 95 from the 95 merge to the harbor tunnel tolls. top side green spring delay free and we will switch to a live view at key bridge and good here on the east side. rest of the bridges in great
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shape. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story, a baltimore city police officer remains in shock trauma after a late night shooting. >> a protocol yee recovering at shock trauma faces charges. >> 30-year-old franklin gross is recovering after a run and gun battle that injured a police officer. his hospital stay hasn't stopped police from obtaining a warrant for his arrest charging him with attempted first and second agree murder. he is accused of shooting an unidentified police officer and leading others on a chase. it happened just after 1:00 a.m. saturday as several bars were closing for the night. >> it makes me nervous for others that are around. innocent people that are doing the right thing in life and their lives are put in danger. >> the baltimore police have not released the name of the officer but say's 2009 graduate of the
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academy. he is expected to recover. we will have more on the suspect and his criminal past at 5:30. >> anne arundel police are trying to figure out how a body ended up in a wooded area near laurel race course. officers responded to the area around 10:30 sunday morning. they found a man with trauma to the head. no word on how he died. the trial for a baltimore man who admitted to throwing his 3-year-old son off the key bridge is expected to begin today. steven nelson is charged with first degree murder and child abuse in the 2008 death of his son. he entered the gift of an insanity plea. >> officials are investigating the fire at east baltimore where flames broke out yesterday morning in the 2100 block of east oliver street. the first floor of the building is the home of a business called jobs, housing and recovery a nonprofit organization which offers services to the homeless. >> the first floor is occupied
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as a business office. it provides jobs for individuals. >> fire officials say the second and third floors were unand he. the extent of damage is unclear. fortunately no one was injured. >> preliminary numbers show an increase in sales on black friday but now that it is in the books shoppers have shifted to cyber monday. according to securely reports, 17% of all americans will shop online today while 13% are expected to visit stores. that has retailers expecting online sales to double and possibly hit a record. the term cyber monday was coined five years ago after 77% of online retailers reported a substantial jump in sales the monday after thanksgiving. that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. are you spending more in stores or online for the holidays? e-mail your response to
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>> wickileaks again releasing more than 250,000 u.s. documents yesterday. the whistle blower website turned them over to five news agencies which began publishing the contents. kate amara joins us live from our washington bureau with the details. >> good morning. these are cables from u.s. embassies exposing private dealings with and discussions with foreign governments. a new rounds of leaks documents from wickileaks documents the online whistle blower says show the u.s. spying on allies and . u.n. negotiations with fortune governments about the transfer of prisoners out of guantanamo bay. concerns the chinese government was involved in global computer hacking and standoff with pakistan over nuclear fuel. secretary of state hillary clinton and american ambassadors have been on damage control
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alerting leaders around the world to the disclosures. >> i would hope that those who are responsible for this would at some point time think about the responsibility they have for lives that they are exposing and potential that is there and stop leaking this information. >> the white house condemned the move as reckless and dangerous. in a statement it said such disclosures put at risk our diplomats, intelligence professionals and people around the world. a sentiment echoed by u.s. officials on both sides of the aisle. >> leaking the material is demore believe. the people at wickileaks could have blood on their hands. >> i hope we can go after them with the force of law. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to address the issue today before she leaves on a four-nation tour of central asia and the middle east. >> any idea where this latest batch of documents came from?
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>> the folks at wickileaks won't disclose their source, but suspicion has centered once again on 23-year-old army intelligence analyst bradley manning who is already in military custody. >> kate amara live in washington. thank you. >> a matchup between a couple of 7-3 teams pits experience against youth with experience winning. tampa bay, the youngest team in the nfl, fell victim to the ravens' quest for an undefeated record it season. joe flacco connected with todd heap here one of heap's two touchdowns. the bucs tried to stage a comeback but it was no match for the veteran ravens defense. tampa bay 10, our baltimore ravens 17 fp. that sets up an a.f.c. showdown
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as the ravens host pittsburgh next sunday at 8:00. the winner will take sole possession at the top of the division. that can be seen right here. keith mills will join us later in the studio with reaction to the ravens' win in the next half hour of "11 news today." >> that will be a great game. >> 27 degrees on tv hill at 5:07. despite warnings, u.s. and south korean officials go on with military drills. >> we are remembering the life of leslie neal send. -- nielsen.
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>> welcome back. it is nine minutes after 5:00,
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35 degrees downtown. skies are clear. it is always much warmer in the city on this kind of day. in the suburbs it is in the 20's. it is low 20's in the western suburbs. you will have to scrape a little frost off the weekend shield and take the winter gear. 27 at the airport. 21 in frederick. 20 in york, pennsylvania. one of the coldest starts so far this season. it will warm up pretty quickly. we will have sunshine and make it up to about 52. when we come back we will look at the seven-day forecast. we have a little rain coming in during the middle of the week. >> covering the world, new video by the navy shows training exercises conducted on the u.s. super carrier in south korean waters. it shows planes taking off on the aircraft carrier george washington and meetings between south korean and navy officers.
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lee myung-bak says he feels responsibility for failing to protect south koreans from the north koreaning attack last week. he promised tough consequences for any future aggression. >> hollywood is mourning the death of leslie nielsen. he died at a hospital near his home in fort lauderdale, florida. he was being treated for pneumonia. he was known for several comedic roles including in airplane and naked gun movie trilogy. he was 84 years old. one of the funniest guys on the planet. >> i loved him. >> we will miss him. it is 5:11. 27 degrees on tv hill. are you experience being leftover overload? what you should do with that food. >> cyber monday and shoppers are not the only ones shop being the net. why you should be careful looking for online deals. >> time to make the return to work and school. a couple of problems to watch
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for. we will get you up to date
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>> good morning to you. sarah caldwell with a look at the commute. if you are heading back to school or work we have problems you want to watch for in westminster. 27 and 32 an accident and a problem in the city washington boulevard and monroe street. one more thing, in towson police activity at providence road and inner loop delay we normally see past the harrisburg expressway. much of that is construction related. we will look outside and see what is going on. so farood at green spring.
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no delays yet. to the west side no delays. key bridge and so far no major delays. not a bad ride there. so far the area tunnels and other area bridges are great. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." now let's get the buses and trains with kurt kroncke of the m.t.a. hope you had a great thanksgiving. >> i did. we are looking at a buses operating between hampden and cromwell and b.w.i. extension on the light rail line. metro subway on schedule. marc trains good. no delays on them. a few bus delays. five, eight, 10, 13, 15, 23, 30 among the buses running 20 to 5 minutes late. 20 and 30 buses diverting at old frederick due to construction.
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the line is available for lines and m.f.a. 410-539-5000 or 866 cash ride-mta. i'm kurt kroncke. now back to tony pann. >> good morning to everyone. we are off to a chilly start as we have clear skies. we don't expect precipitation but you may have to scrape a little frost off the windshield. 29 in columbia, 28 westminster. 21 in frederick. 35 downtown. you get that heat island effect on this kind of morning in the city. so downtown it is warmer. clear skies so we will see sunshine to start. that should start a warming process. we will warm into the low 50's this afternoon, which is slightly above average for this time of year. we are watching a storm system out of the plains states producing snow in the dakotas and that will eventually give us some rain by the time we head to
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the middle of the week. but it is still a good distance away and there is high pressure in the mid-atlantic. so today, tonight and part of early tomorrow should be ok. the forecast mostly sunny, cool this afternoon but a lot warmer with highs in the low 50's. sunrise five minutes after 7:00. tonight the clouds will thicken up. partly cloudy but increasing clouds after midnight. temperatures back into the 30's, so not as cold as last night. sun will set at 4:44. tomorrow the storm is closer, high pressure off the coast and that means we will have a south wind. it will warm up nicely tuesday but the chance of rain will be increasing. there is a pretty good chance of showers by the afternoon. the temperatures will be in the upper 50's so that will be a welcome change for a couple of days. 58 with a high tuesday. chance of rain showers. showers likely tuesday night and into wednesday morning.
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strong cold front will go through wednesday morning. i think the high on wednesday will be early in the day and start to fall in the afternoon. chilly at the end of the week but dry with highs in the 40's and lows in the 20's. could be a few more rain showers late saturday afternoon or night. so, not a bad forecast to start. >> in our consumer alert a warning for cyber monday shoppers with the internet craze coming a pike in identity theft. a nonprofit group advises that you do not share any sensitive information such as your social security number or date of birth unless it is a trusted source. paying with a credit card is generally safe. keep a paper trail by printing and saving records after purchases. monitor your personal information for misuse and report it if you see it. advice on thanksgiving
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leftovers. if you have isn't eaten them by now it is time to freeze them or throw them out. if the turkey and other things have been kept refrigerated it is safe to freeze them. they suggest you wrap them with foil or plastic and while smelling something is a good way to see if it is good you should never taste it to check. when you are cleaning out the tpreupbl remember when it doubt throw it out. stan, you want some leftovers? >> i will be over right after the show. it is getting more expensive for your true love to pay for the 12 days of christmas. jane king joins us live with a look at the business news. did you have a nice thanksgiving? >> hello, stan. i did have a nice thanksgiving. very busy weekend. it is a busy month. two things. wall street keeping an eye on ireland bailout package and investors have been nervous
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about europe's debt crisis spreading. there is still escalating tension in the korean peninsula. we are looking positive for the start this morning. typically there is little action on a holiday shortened trading day but we have the worries about ireland and north korea and south korea and that weighed on stocks friday. cyber monday deals are flooding the internet offering major deals on everything from hdtv's to earrings. one analyst says sales may top aing abo billion dollars. national retail federation said sales were $45 billion for the thanksgiving weekend. the average shopper spent more than $365. it said this year a greater number of people went to department stores instead of discounters. your true love will have to dig deeper to get you something. prices have surged 9% for the
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second highest jump ever. the big reason gold prices for five golden rings are up 30%. if you want to get every item in the 12 days of christmas you will pay nearly $100,000. i'm jane king. back to you. >> 100 grand. i remember when those 12 items cost $49.95. in 1898. >> that is inflation for you. >> we will see you back at 6:15. >> we have a school closing to report to you. grove park elementary middle school number 224 closed because of flooding and power outage. staff should report to the school. it is now 5:21. coming up we will check the commute with traffic and weather together. >> we have a warning this morning about a popular spice used in holiday baking. how nutmeg could be harmful to your children. >> and e-mail your answer to the water cooler question of the
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day. are you spending more in stores or online for the holiday? e-mail response to
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>> it is a cooking spice that is synonymous with baking. nutmeg but some are using it as a kpwaeutway drug to a life of a diction. >> halfway highs. it is like my head is going to explode. >> what some say is exploding is the use of a cooking spice to get high. >> like a woozy feeling. >> this student says she and four friends smoked the spice to catch a buzz. it is a spice in everyone's
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kitchen. how old were you? >> 15. >> she is holder now and too embarrassed to show her face. we want to warn you about this new found high kids get from a spice. >> we had a sleepover and we were trying to get marijuana. >> when they couldn't they turned to the internet and then the kitchen cabinet. >> we looked for things to smoke from the highways and nutmeg came up and they found the answer on line. nutmeg. a simple natural spice. then they used an apple and turned it into a pipe. >> you smoke it. you inhale through the apple. >> the effect is similar to smoking marijuana. >> so here i am doing my special experiment and i'm smoking nutmeg. >> videos see teens turning the
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spice into a dangerous drug. >> don't do this unless you want to get in trouble. >> or get sick. police say increased heart rate, blurred vision are a few of the side effects. this home video shot shows how some are even drinking it to get high. >> took it straight. >> jason shot it and this interview from his home he describes the frightening effects mutt meg had. >> went red and really hot. and mutt meg is seeming popular it is because it is legal, cheap. >> police say there is no law against abusing a legal substance but getting high with it can be just as dangerous as any narcotic. >> can it be a gateway drug?
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>> absolutely. >> don't get hung up on what they are using but instead they should be more concerned about the fact that their kids seem hellbent on getting high. >> the girl that i did it with she ended up trying more and more and her life is a mess now. >> i hope you enjoyed this special. >> that is disturbing. i have never heard of that. 5:27 and 27 degrees on tv hill. >> a police involved shooting in the city sends the suspect and officer to the hospital. i will have a live report. >> pretty quiet this morning. it is cold. we have rain in the seven-day forecast. we will shoe thw that you you . >> a couple of accidents to show you, one blocking a major road out of
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to news. i'm stan stovall. >> i'm mindy basara. let's check the weather and traffic. back to reality for us. >> when you step outside it will wake you up. >> it is a smack in the face this morning. >> in the 20's and you will have to scrape a little frost off the windshield. let's look at the current conditions at the airport, 26 degrees, low 20's in some western suburbs. no wind so we don't have to calculate a wind chill. it will warm up quickly. we will have a lot of sunshine and make it up to 52 this afternoon which is around average. when we come back we will look at the seven-day forecast. i think there is a little rain on the way, not snow. it will warm up so it should be liquid. >> we have been monitoring the
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road for delays and not seeing any but we have problems to watch for. we will start in westminster route 27 shut down 32 and green street due to an accident in the process of being cleared. hopefully because it is closed that means they are getting it on the tow truck. we will let you know consider green street as the alternate. washington boulevard and monroe an accident and fire activity at providence road near the beltway. so, use extra caution there. 10 minutes on southbound 95 to 32. only 11 minutes top to bottom on the west side and out minutes on the inner loop. quick live look outside show you what it looks like on the northeast corner at providence and running smoothly toward the harrisburg expressway. both harrisburg expressway and j.f.x. good and beltway at b.w. parkway here. no problems. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story, cyber monday
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but some internet shoppers got off to a slow start. overnight comcast experienced outages affecting customers from the baltimore washington area as far away as boston. >> though online shopping is a small portion of the season it has become very important to retailers and consumers. >> cyber monday the day when shoppers hit the internet instead of the malls for deep discounts and free shipping. on the would be sites for big box retailers they are calling in cyber week to bring in shopping dollars. it is much the same at wal-mart with new deals added daily. shoppers say it is something they are doing. >> definitely better online. past experience. if you go on line you get a better deal. it may not show in the store but if you let them know. >> i did my shopping freeh out 2:00 a.m.
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>> looking. probably not buying. i don't have any money left. >> even as people hit the malls on the day after thanksgiving they hit the web. the experts say people shopped more online this year than ever before, with almost $650 million on black friday alone. if you do plan to take part in cyber monday, or any online shopping, internet security experts say use common sense. >> resist clicking. when they send you the e-mails with the offers and say click on this link, resist that. go to the site itself. >> cyber monday got the name thanks to retailers encouraging people to shop when they got back to work after the long holiday weekend. with more people having a home computer, online shopping will keep increasing even as we get closer to christmas. >> that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. are you spending more in stores or online for the holidays?
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e-mail the response to traveling home from the thanksgiving weekend appeared to be as easy as pie yesterday. passengers found little to no lines at the airports. any that were there moved quickly. many say they were surprised. >> we are learning more about the man baltimore police say shot a city officer a confrontation over the weekends. both the suspect and officer remain in the hospital recovering from their injuries. lowell melser joins us live from shock trauma with the latest. >> so far police telling us that 30-year-old franklin gross is the only person charged in the case so far. he was actually out on parole for armed robbery the night of the shooting. gross is still recovering at shock trauma after a run and gun battle that injured a police officer. police have obtained a warrant for his arrest.
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that is for attempted first and second degree murder, assault and using a gun during a violent crime. gross is accused of shooting an unidentified police officer and leading others on a shooting chase near baltimore and calvert streets just after 1:00 a.m. saturday as several bars were closing. >> makes me nervous for other people that are around. innocent people that are doing the right thing in life and their life is put in danger for something stupid. >> it is not gross's first run-in with the law. officials say he was out on parole for armed robbery the night of the shooting. he also has a rap sheet that dates back to the late 1990's including various gun and assault cases. news of the shooting concerns some downtown patrons but some said they are not too surprised. >> sign of the times with so many people having no respect for authority for one thing. and they are brazen.
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>> dennis howell is a retired fire officer and sympathizes with others. >> you never know what will be around the next corner. i have much respect for the police department. >> police have not released the name of the officer who was shot, only saying he was a 2009 graduate of the police academy. good news, that he is expected to make a full recovery. we will have more on this story in the next hour. back to you. >> a teenager suspected of a bomb plot in portland, organize, will make his first court appearance today. the arrest may have sparked an arson attack at an oregon islamic center. we have the latest. >> 19-year-old mohammed osman mohamud is set to appear in court in portland today. the courthouse is blocks from the square that was the target of his alleged bomb plot.
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>> he was highly motivated at every turn. every time we contacted him he expressed his desire. >> 10,000 people had gathered at a tree-litting ceremony friday. but the f.b.i. says just as muhammad tried to detonate what he thought was a bomb acts swarmed in to arrest him. it was the end of a nearly year-long f.b.i. sting. now the muslim community is dealing with a possible backlash. >> mohamud's arrest may have sparked an arson attack sunday at an islamic center that mohamud attended. police are investigating the case as a possible hate crime. >> this has been here 40 years and is more american than the majority of the population and infrastructure of the united states. and we are deeply grieved. >> former neighbors say they saw mohamud at his parents' home. on sunday they expressed a mix of shock and sadness.
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>> they were a very, very nice fami family, complete shock. >> mohamud's mother emerged from seclusion but made no comments as her son prepares to officially face serious charges in court. >> if convicted he could face life in prison. it is now 5:38. 27 degrees. still ahead, coffee could be just the right brain food for you. >> eating disorders among children are on the rise. what a new report reveals in our medical alert. >> if you are traveling in westminster all lanes closed along route 27. we will look at that
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>> welcome back.
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5:40. clear and cold. 35 degrees downtown but much colder in in the suburbs. you have a big difference from the city to the suburbs in this situation. check out some of the numbers from out west. 21 in frederick and 20 in york. if you are driving in from southern pennsylvania you will scrape frost off your window. it will warm up. a lot of sunshine. we will get up to 52 degrees this afternoon. we will check the seven-day when we come back. >> in our medical alert great news for those that work the morning show because we put away tons of coffee. the coffee may do more than wake you up. it could lower your risk for brain cancer. researchers at brown university followed more than 400,000 people for at least eight years tracking their diet and health. those who drank half a cup of coffee or more a day have a 34%
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degrees risk for brain tumor compared to non-coffee drinkers this. is stronger among men and applies only to this tumor. >> thank you. eating disorders among children are on the rise according to a new report from the american academy of pediatrics. it estimates a half percent of teen girls have anorexia and 1% to 2% are considered bulimic. they recognize the problem in males who make up 10% of cases. the reporter says be aware of trends and stay familiar with other detection and evaluation methods. one more thick to worry about. it is 5:42 and 27 degrees. internet shoppers searching for deals could experience stick are shock. more on the move to tax what you buy online. >> right now looking at the downtown harbor area courtesy of our sky cam. we will update weather and
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traffic coming up.
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>> good morning. sarah caldwell checking the commute. there are a few issues to watch for. we start it westminster route 27 closed between 32 and green street. you can get around it with green street. providence road near the beltway in towson we have some police activity and we have a pretty nice ride on the harrisburg expressway. 58 miles an hour southbound toward the beltway. j.f.x. great and same for i-97 down to the area of 100. 53 miles an hour there. live look outside shows you what
5:46 am
is going on in the cameras. providence fine. ward us is outer loop so getting a little heavier. over to traffic in the area of the beltway at b.w. parkway and movement there. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." now let's check the buses and trains. >> good morning, sarah. we have a delay on the light rail and bus bridges in place 2010 camden and cromwell and b.w.i. extension due to wire issues. on the metro subway on time and marc trains good. no delays on the marc trains. buses 23, 30, 40, 51, 54, 91 buses among delays about 20 to 25 minutes late. the 20 and 30 busing at old frederick due to construction. for the m.t.a. i'm kurt kroncke. back to tony pann. >> good morning, everyone. we are off to a cold start as
5:47 am
everyone goes back to work and school. we don't expect precipitation but you want to take the winter gear. 26 at the airport. 21 in frederick. 28 in cockeysville and you will probably have to scrape a little frost. we have clear skies and we will see plenty of sunshine. the air is dry and i think it will warm up pretty quickly. we should get into the low 50's this afternoon. watching the storm system in the plains states producing snow in the dakotas and into portions even into the southern plains. that may give us some rain toward the middle of the week. but it is a good distance away and in the short term we have the big area of high pressure over the eastern half of the country. that will keep us dry today and tonight and maybe into early tomorrow morning. by the time we get into tuesday afternoon it will change. mostly sunny. we will get into the low 50's which is cool but nothing unusual for this time of year.
5:48 am
sunrise at 6:05. overnight increasing clouds. not as cold as last night. temperatures will drop back in the upper 30's to 40. tomorrow high pressure moves off the coast and that means we will see a strong south wind develop. temperatures will jump into the upper 50's. nice and mild. but the storm system approach interesting the west will produce rain showers starting late in the morning and off and on through tomorrow afternoon and especially tomorrow night. when the front goes through wednesday morning we will keep the chance of rain then. 58 tomorrow with a chance of rain in the afternoon. rain likely wednesday morning and clearing up. the high wednesday will be in the morning. it will start to fall in the afternoon. it will be breezy and chilly at the end of the week. highs in the 40's and overnight lows in the 20's and 30's. heading in the weekend a chance of a couple of rain showers saturday afternoon and maybe into early sunday morning.
5:49 am
chilly at the ends of the week but mild for the next couple of days. >> with cyber monday in full swing one market research firm estimates online holiday shopping could jump 11% this year. the vast majority of them come without sales tax attached. that is a situation that could soon change. we have more. >> as cyber shoppers search out bargains today they will skip crowds, skipping drama, and skipping sales taxes. >> it is grossly unfair. >> a 1992 u.s. supreme court ruling shields online retailers from collecting sales tax unless they have a physical presence in the customer's state. it is a legal loophole the national retail federation is trying to close. >> the money is upwards of $23 billion or more. some estimates are up to $million. >> many are anxious for their share of the tax dollars.
5:50 am
north carolina and texas are among the states that have gone to court off the matter. >> states are hunts under the couch cushions for money. the importance is that we not let states harm the national economy. >> the nonpartisan tax foundation contends myriad state and local tax codes makes collecting it problematic. >> we are dealing with thousa s thousands, something like 8,000 different sales taxes and different states will exempt different things. >> 24 states have streamlined their sales tax codes since 2005 and legislation currently in the u.s. house would allow those states to require online retailers to collect sales tax on their behalf. >> it makes no sense to us in retail that we shouldn't find a way to help states collect the tax that is already owed to them. >> convincing online retailers of that may take an act of congress. >> it is 5:50 and 27 degrees.
5:51 am
keith mills joins with us more on the ravens' win and a preview of their matchup against the steelers. >> we are taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. are you spending more in stores or online. e-mail us at >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> just a reminder we are taking answers to our water cooler question of the day. we asked are you spending more in the stores or online? e-mail us at >> here we go. steelers week is here around let the hype begin. the ravens beat tampa bay which manassas a showdown for first place this sunday against the dreaded steelers. john harbaugh with his dad before the game yesterday. there was nothing easy about this one of the second quarter, 3-3, joe flacco to todd heap and the race is on. todd outruns sean jones for 65 yards. 7-0 ravens. then joe flacco again.
5:55 am
watch the zip on this pass to derrick mason, right at you, bam. that is a major league throw. one week after joe flacco challenged by derrick mason he catches eight balls. kellen winslow cuts it to 17-10 but the ravens run out the clock. ray rice 130 total yards. big gain here and that does it. 17-10 the final. joe was asked if he could expect the other wideout to ask for the ball. >> i'm not sure if i completely understand what you are saying. do i expect him to do that? that was not really a chat. it was more of yelling at me. what were you doing, joe. i was wide open. i don't know if they want that. i don't know if that is a good matchup. me versus them.
5:56 am
we will see. anquan and those guys will want the ball. i'm sure they may think about that if you let them know. >> you go out and you just run the game plan that is called. and you try to take what the defense gives you. >> the ravens are 8-3. so are the steelers. they meet for the second time this year. materials lucky they are 8-3. against buffalo yesterday started out like a steelers steamroll. rashard mendenhall up the gut, 7-0. but buffalo comes back and end of regulation rian lindell 49-yard field goal to tie it. he drills this baby. could have made it from 60. 16-16. here is the play everyone here in pittsburgh and all over the league is talking about. in overtime, ryan fitzpatrick to steven johnson and this would have won the game for the steele
5:57 am
steelers. oh, baby. instead, the steelers kick a field goal to win in overtime 19-16. colts lose to san diego 36-24. can you believe that? >> i feel sorry for that. >> not because he is feeling bad but because the steelers would have lost. >> sunday will be good. >> the ravens-steelers game will be televised? >> right here. a little hype on that. >> yes, indeed. >> here is a look ahead to the next hour. >> maryland jockey club expects to propose significant changes to the maryland racing commission. 6:04 how they could impact the industry. >> it is the called the miracle on 34th street. the annual latch deny chris lighting. >> it is a cold but quiet start. we have a little rain in the seven-day forecast. >> if you are going back to work
5:58 am
or school we have one problem of note in the towson region. we will update that and check for delays.
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